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Welcome to Covai Care Center – Alcoholic rehabilitation center

Covai care Center was born out of the foresight and determination of Dr Manuel. Providing the base for Sobriety for both alcoholics and drug addicts.

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About Our Founder

We Have Highly Qualified Team

Dr. Manuel


Dr Manuel was an alcoholic himself now sober for more than a decade, has felt the strong need for isolating alcoholics and drug addicts during the initial period of withdrawal symptoms and has started this rehabilitation with his own experience. His motto is to create awareness among the public about alcoholism and drug addiction and providing initial support and recovery of the disease.

Many patients under his guidance and with the effective treatment and support provided by this center have gone home healthy. Dr Manuel also organizes regular camps and awareness program in the city about the effects of alcohol abuse and drug addiction.

Our Services

Our treatment and rehabilitation programmes have helped over 1000+ men and women overcome their dependency on alcohol and drugs.

What Our Patients Say

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